“NSM Alumni Association (NSMAA) is THE gravital force that further engages and
motivates alumni to continue creating positive impact on society”

Alumni by the Numbers

Focus of NSMAA

What NSMAA Does


Inspiring speakers and interactive discussions for further enrichment

Career Development

Job opportunities and internships in the social innovation sector


Cross-sector linkages, opening doors to new opportunities

Stories of Alumni

Dustin Onghanseng

An alumnus of the HKUST Spring 2014 class, Dustin is also the co-founder and CEO of social enterprise startup uHoo, a device that monitors air pollution levels inside your home. The product is expected to launch in Q42015, and in early May 2015 the company announced a seed round of funding. Despite his busy schedule as a social entrepreneur, Dustin has made time to visit our classes in 2015 to see how this year’s cohort is getting on.


Janet Wong

Prior to taking our class in Spring 2014, Janet was a Student Consultant of One Earth Designs (a U.S-based environmental technology company). Within the class she was a standout student, representing Time to Grow which promotes rooftop farming in Hong Kong. Janet also spoke on behalf of the course during the early stages of collaboration with the SIE Fund. 

Since graduating from HKUST with a BBA in Global Business and Management Janet began working as an analyst in HSBC Global Banking and Markets, covering local large corporates in Hong Kong.  She continues to be passionate about social entrepreneurship, looking for ways to create meaningful impact both in and out of her corporate role.


Nathaniel Yuen

Nathaniel is also an alumnus of  HKUST’s Spring class 2014. After finishing the course, he went down a unique and interesting path. Best to let him tell it in his own words!