Pitch Coaching from Credit Suisse

Our HKUST Spring 2018 students and Social Venture Partners were blessed with the invaluable opportunity to visit the Credit Suisse HK Office to work out the final kinks in their presentations with 11 Credit Suisse volunteers.

The teams went through mock pitches, and received feedback with video replay from volunteers from Credit Suisse’s senior management team while overlooking a magnificent view of Hong Kong’s stunning harbor. From “less is more,” to “posture for passion”, the CS volunteers dissected every last detail of the NSM students’ pitching prowess. And not a moment too soon! We’re now entering crunch time for the teams to fine-tune their presentations before tomorrow’s Funding Committee Meeting.

The session received extraordinary feedback from all parties and we look forward to further collaboration with Credit Suisse down the road!


Time is never too tight for a silly selfie!