Social Entrepreneurship (“SE”) and Venture Philanthropy (“VP”) are cornerstones of innovation around the world, as mission-driven businesses bring transformational social benefits. SE requires visionary and resourceful entrepreneurs to think out of the box and take calculated risks. VP aims to create sustainable and scalable businesses with confident and engaged stakeholders. The course is targeted at students who are interested in the rapidly growing sustainable and high impact business opportunities in the Greater China region. They can expect to be part of a multidisciplinary team that helps to solve real life social and business problems.

Course lectures by faculty instructor and expert seminars by indsutry practitioners in the first 6 weeks; followed by partner work with social businesses. Funding decision is subject to assessment by the Funding Committee in Class 8. Following the Funding Committee Meeting, students can join the funded enterprise to work on the implementation plan, or remain in their original teams to work on alternative funding plans for their partners. There will be no exams; all students will be graded on class attendance, participation and manners, and quality of their reports.