• Examples of new alliances businesses / social ventures / public sector / charities
  • Hybrid value chains / creating shared value
  • Discussion: How to bring existing products and services to disadvantaged populations (“Marketing for the BoP”).


Guest speaker:



Mandatory reading:

Hystra (2013-17) Marketing for the BoP; various publications & events

Ashoka’s Hybrid Value Chain: Revving the Engine of Sustained Global Prosperity and Social Value (2012)


Recommended readings:

Kayser, O. & Budinich, V. (2015) Scaling up: Business solutions to social problems. A practical guide for social and corporate entrepreneurs. Chapter 12-13

The Economist (Aug 1st-7th 2015) The $1-a-week school p. 7, 17-20, 43, 71.

Phills, J.A., Deiglmeier, K., & Miller, D. T. (2008). Rediscovering social innovation Stanford Social Innovation Review

The Economist (Aug 12th 2010) Let’s hear those ideas

Social Entrepreneurs Newsletter Aug 30th 2010 The Economist on Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum


Team projects due by April 13th (on canvas or by email to course TA)

Funding proposal (ca 10 page word document, plus unlimited appendices) and funding pitch presentation (power point for 10 min presentation)



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