• Scaling-up. How to overcome key challenges to reach scale for social enterprises.
  • There is a multitude of successful social ventures that can be replicated / scaled-up; no need to “re-invent the wheel”. Social purpose organizations can to learn from successful examples and “localize” winning concepts
  • The social venture needs to be supported by a business plan, just like any start-up, with clear cost / revenue forecasts. Social enterprises may be supported by grants or other concessional funding, in addition to own revenues. What to include in a credible business plan.
  • Case study: Teach for All: How can Teach for America expand its successful model of education beyond the United States?
  • Project concept presentations due: Short (5 min) presentation of project work including direction, planned areas of analyses, surveys / interviews to be conducted, etc. Feedback from instructor and other student teams.



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